We often get asked about why we started AlphaHE so we decided to write a manifesto...

AlphaHE was borne out of frustration, passion and knowledge.

  • Frustration that the vast majority of supplements and products related to health, well-being and fitness contain synthetic chemicals and artificial additives. These artificial compounds place an undue, and accumulative, stress on the body’s natural balance.

    We’re living in a time where we have access to the latest advances in science, nutrition and healthcare yet we, as a species, are experiencing alarming rates of chronic disease and stress. This leads us to ask “what are the basic common denominators?”…the food and drink we consume, the environment we live in and the lifestyles we voluntarily or involuntarily pursue.

  • Passion for naturally occurring, powerful, functional nutritionals that are in abundance on this planet. Throughout our evolutionary journey, we have adapted to, and benefited from, certain naturally occurring foods that reside in our environment and these have helped shape our genetic and metabolic framework, i.e., the plants and herbs that were present, and still are, after millions of years of human evolution. Specifically, our core “Alpha” herbs.

  • Knowing that there is another way to reach our modern lifestyle goals (immune strength, optimizing general health, improved fitness to superior relaxation and longevity) without the undue reliance on modern synthetic chemicals and laboratory developed reproductions of naturally occurring compounds. Through this single-minded drive and extensive research, we have designed a range of functional blends for Modern Men like ourselves - sons, fathers, uncles, husbands, lovers and friends.

We believe that eating well, sleeping optimally, smart exercise and thinking positive and being kind are the cornerstones to a successful life. However, sometimes a little more is required and that more is AlphaHE.

Enjoy the journey.

The AlphaHe Team